Coffee growers are primarily responsible for the excellent coffees that we drink. This is why, more and more, specialty coffee markets are recognizing and celebrating their many contributions.

However, the current structure of global coffee markets is such that these growers have a hard time being adequately compensated for the work that they do on their farms and in their communities.

It is time to clearly and succinctly inform coffee consumers about the economic treatment of coffee growers.

To accomplish this goal, Transparent Trade Coffee provides:

  • A forum for direct trade roasters that are genuinely committed to transparency in their dealings with coffee growers; and
  • A simple communication vehicle so that consumers can – at the time of sale — know how much of their coffee’s purchase price goes back to origin.

Clearly, there is more to specialty coffee purchases and communications than the green prices that are paid to growers. We are keenly interested in the many nuances of coffee quality, and are concerned about the various social and environmental contributions of coffee growers. However, an effective launching point into all of these conversations is a clear articulation of the money that is going back to origin.