Who Should Register?

Transparent Trade Coffee works with direct trade roasters that are genuinely committed to transparency in their dealings with coffee growers. Currently, only single-origin coffees sold through direct trade or near direct trade channels can be featured on the Transparent Trade Coffee website.

Why Register?

Transparent Trade Coffee provides a simple communication vehicle so that consumers can – at the time of purchase – know how much of their coffee dollars are going back to growers. Registered coffees are listed on our TT Coffees page help consumers make an informed decision. When they are satisfied with the economic treatment of the coffee grower, they click on the listing to go to the roaster's on-line store to learn more and make their coffee purchase.

How to Register?

Complete the online registration form which requires you to input the coffee name, the (on-line) retail price (including currency and bag size), a comment on the coffee (optional and limited to 140 characters), the coffee grower's (i.e., farm or cooperative) name and location (country), the web page address (where coffee is listed for sales) and the green price per pound (f.o.b.) paid to the grower. Each registration also requires you to upload your logo along with documentation of the green price paid per pound (terms of sale).

Confirm the listing after our processing and validation processes are complete. After registered coffees are submitted, we validate (but do not audit) the green price as stated in the documented terms of sale, confirming that it is comparable with our other green prices (i.e., f.o.b. price per green pound paid to the grower). We then calculate the return to origin percentage that goes to the grower. Before your registered coffee(s) go live on the website, you receive an email asking you to confirm the listing. Once confirmed, your coffees will be posted to the TT Coffees page and announced on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Get in touch with us if you have any questions via email at

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