Posted on 31st Jan 2017 15:20 in Roasters

This Insight examines the green FOB prices paid for eighty coffees that were registered on the Transparent Trade Coffee site in 2016. Setting aside three outliers, the average green price per pound (GPP) was $3.81. Looking more closely, we see that 21 coffees from Africa had an average GPP of $4.10 and that 15 coffees from Costa Rica had an average GPP of $4.67. We look forward to tracking these averages as the sample of TT Coffees continues to grow in 2017.

Posted on 9th Apr 2016 19:25 in Roasters

Transparent Trade Coffee (TTC) was launched roughly one year ago to provide a forum where "specialty coffee consumers and direct trade roasters come together to share information and insights about the economic treatment of coffee growers." So far we have registered 94 different coffees were listed by fifteen different roasters that sell coffee in several countries. How should the important benchmarks provided by registered TTC coffees factor in price negotiations at the upper end of the specialty coffee market?  The TTCoffee team explores this question in our latest insight.


Posted on 25th Nov 2015 06:25 in Roasters

Based on SCRPI data, we found coffee retail prices to be higher when roasters identify the farms where the beans are grown ($5.98 more on average per pound).  What specific characteristics (location, elevation, experience of farmer, socio-economics, work conditions, etc.) are roasters talking about when they inform their customers about coffee growers? The TT Coffee team explores how roasters promote these specialty coffees.

Posted on 20th Aug 2015 09:18 in Roasters

30 registered direct trade coffees from 8 different roasters have joined TT Coffee listings page in Q2 of 2015. How has the first wave of registered TT Coffees stacked up? The TT Coffee Team explores the list.

Posted on 15th Mar 2015 05:06 in Roasters

We have been analyzing – wherever possible – information about the shares of posted retail coffee prices that make it back to the farmers who grow the beans. Here, we continue these matched analyses of green and roasted coffee prices by looking at the 2014 Direct Trade Transparency Report published by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.